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Community Service Opportunies to Expand Reiki Flow and Hone Techniques

Follow-on community service opportunities while you practice and expand your Reiki flow, hone the techniques, and increase your awareness to the Reiki


Training and Treatment Pricing

Pure Usui Lineage

Integrity for Uncompromised teachings

Only 7 Masters Between You and Dr. Usui

Follow-on training through practice and community service

Special Internet Prices

Near Phoenix Airport and Lodging

Weekly Reiki Continuous Events

Affordable Top Quality Reiki Treatments


Now booking for REIKI I, II and III classes! Visa, Master Card, Discover, Money Order, Check

Very Pure Usui Lineage

Kids Reiki (4 hrs) Simplified & shortened Reiki I, kids language and applications Attunements open energy channels so universal source Reiki energy flows for life.

 Reiki I (8 hrs) History, How Reiki Works, 5 Pillars, Self-treatments, Harmonizing & Treating others, Benefits of each Hand Position, Sciatic Nerve & Limited Access treatments. Attunements open energy channels so universal source Reiki energy flows for life.

Reiki II (8 hrs) Scanning, Beaming, Symbols, Long Distance Healing, Full Treatments, Tandem Treatments, Combining Reiki with Breath and Meditations. Attunements place symbols in energy field & ability to send long distance healing through time & space for life

Reiki III (8 hrs) Personal Mastery with Master Symbol, Advanced Energy Field Scanning and Clearing, Expanded Full Treatments & Traffic Reiki. Attunements place symbols in energy field & ability to heal with the power of a master.

Free Follow-on training , practice opportunities & support

Class Prices

Regular: Reiki I $100

Reiki II $175

Reiki 1 and 2 Same Weekend $250

Reiki III $250

Kids Reiki $54

For More Savings: See Promotion Code. Yoga students, Special Interest-Free Payment Plans

(Referrals: $30 cash or Full Reiki Treatment w/Jaap Kaur)



REIKI LEVELS 1 & 2 and 3:

I am flexible and also try to schedule classes that will fit the students needs so e-mail or call me  



Call or e-mail for Dates and Times



Scheduled on demand, 4 hour course 

Current Classes. Register now. Classes fill fast





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September 23st



 October 12th



October 13th



October 14th



October 19th



October 20th



October 21st



November 16th



November 17th



November 18th


December 26-31

Days and Half Days Remain Flexible


To register or for additional information: call 602-410-4782


Mention Internet Promotion Code "108" and receive Internet discount price of $225 for Reiki I and II or $225 for Reiki III Training

Continued Training Gift to Students -- Every certified student receives a FREE offer to return for a Reiki exchange and one-on-one Questions and answers with Reiki Master Jaap Kaur. While you give her a treatment she will have you adjust your hands for optimum Reiki energy flow. By the end of the treatment you are quite good at adjusting for optimum Reiki flow. Then you receive a full treatment from her as a treat. Bring your manual and notes along and ask any questions. The timing is left to the student and is valid for up to 2 years from time of certification.

Auditing Classes: Jaap Kaur's Reiki certified students may audit class again for FREE, space permitting. And, if you are flexible there are sometimes an uneven number of students where your joining is most helpful to the class as well.

Reiki Boost: (For Japp Kaur's students only.) Repeat of your highest 2 Reiki attunements and receive a Reiki treatment. Rasies your vibration level so you flow your optimum Reiki and steadies your energy field calming you, very healing. Especially good to do when you have gone through a shocking life change experience like divorce, death of loved one, major health crisis, loss of job, or any other significant-to-you event. Price: $75.

Experience a Full One Hour Reiki Treatment at this Low Price.

  • Long Distance Treatment $45
  • In person Reiki treatment $50 My location

  • In person Reiki treatment $50
    Your location $60

    Try an 11 minute long distance treatment for $10

    Reiki Training Referrals: $30 cash or Full Reiki Treatment w/Jaap Kaur

    Val Vista & University, Mesa, AZ 85205

    Click Here to E -mail Reiki Master Jaap Kaur at jaap.kaur@cox.net

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