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Reiki is a healing modality that works on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The applications are limitless and it is only complimentary to and speeds up all other healing modalities.

It is one of the few forms of healing that actually crosses the brain blood barrier.

Following a series of attunements Reiki or light energy flows in through the crown chakra, engages other charkas and comes out of the hands in your energy field saturating your aura to protect and heal you while it flows to the client.

It is not energy from you as the case of natural healers, but rather energy from the ethers, universe, or heavens so it flows even if you are not feeling well.

It can't do harm but only help the receiver and giver. The practitioner cannot determine the outcome.

Reiki goes where it is needed, it guides you (easier to be guided with eyes closed), so there is no need for diagnosis or attachment to outcome.

By following the hand positions and sequence practices, Reiki provides an even distribution of energy to major organs and energy flow systems (meridians, lymph, blood, nerve signals).

Physical manifestations are often rooted in emotional or mental causes, Reiki will help release stress regardless of the source (recent or long past).

One nice aspect, without the conscious decisions of the practitioner there is no karma or attachments to the outcome.

The healing results from raising the vibration levels of the energy fields in and surrounding the body integrating and bringing them back into peace and harmony.

When the energy is balanced the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual disharmony dissipates.

It can be used on any person, thing, or situation. People receiving and giving Reiki treatments see/feel/sense Reiki differently.

It is a unique experience for everyone, but with many commonalties. It is a tool and gift you can give to yourself and others for benefits.


  • Rei -Spiritual Light, God consciousness

  • Ki: -Chi, pranic life force energy

  • Sometimes referred to as prayer energy or universal life force

    Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing Reiki

  • Usui - is the founder.

  • Shiki - is improvement of.

  • Ryoho- is method, treatment or system, as a healing system

  • Reiki I covers History, How Reiki Works, 5 Pillars, Self-treatments, Harmonizing & Treating others, Benefits of each Hand Position, Sciatic Nerve & Limited Access treatments. Attunements open energy channels so universal source Reiki energy flows for life.

    Reiki II covers Scanning, Beaming, Symbols, Long Distance Healing, Full Treatments, Tandem Treatments, Combining Reiki with Breath and Meditations. Attunements place symbols in energy field & ability to send long distance healing through time & space for life.





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